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This Community in Dharamshala Runs its 250 Rooms with Lights, Fans, ACs, Geysers and Water Pumps on 30KW Solar Power Plant. Read How:

It looks like the dream of 'Solar India' is now becoming a reality. From houses to offices – from schools to hospitals – more and more establishments are going solar. And why shouldn't they!? Solar is good for the environment, gives you 24x7 electricity and...

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This Family Installed Grid-Tie Solar System and Now Their Electricity Bill is down by 70%

This story has been narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Harwinder who helped this man reduce his bills of INR 7000 by 80%. Here is the full story! Why A Grid-Tie System? Mr. Harwinder Singh is located in Punjab. His office named ‘Solarium solar power...

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This Entire Hospital in Telangana is Now Solar Powered! Grid-tie Solar Inverter Helps Keep the Electricity Bill Low

Dr. Dev Pal Reddy owns a Nursing Home in Telangana state called ‘Sri Lata Nursing home'. This nursing home is a large hospital that runs high wattage appliances that use a lot of power over the day to run. Dev Pal Reddy spent INR 25000...

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Electricity Bill Down by 80% after Installing Grid-Tie Solar in My Home

Mr. Amit is a chartered accountant and lives in Nanded district in Maharashtra with his wife and kids. The house is a two floored home, in which Mr. Amit has opened a coaching center in the ground floor where he teaches students preparing to be...

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I’m waiting to see an Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill after Installing Solar at My Manufacturing Plant

Why a grid-tie system? Mr. Malhotra owns a firm called ‘Friends Enterprises’ that is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. This is a manufacturing company that makes automobile spare parts. Mr. Malhotra used to spend a substantial amount of money on electricity bills per month. After seeing...

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Very Smart! This Solar Training Institute in Mumbai Will Sell Solar Power to the Govt Through Grid-Tie Inverter

Here is a story of Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Zandga Jayesh who inspired his friend Mr. Deepak Bhat to install a grid-tie inverter in his new solar training institute. The institute’s sole mission is to train and spread knowledge on solar power. Experts of solar...

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