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I Was Going to Make the Mistake of Installing Square Wave Inverter in My Home But Then This Happened!

What type of inverter should you choose? Mr. Ankit lives in Dubai and his family stays in Gujarat. He owns a two-storied home that needed a power backup system since the area experienced some power cuts. Su-Kam had participated in a solar event in Dubai...

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“I didn’t Install Diesel Generator Because I Don’t Want to Make My City More Polluted” What Did He Do Then?

Mr. Devashish is the plant manager of a manufacturing factory called ‘Technic Firm’ located in Surat that is currently under construction. The area that this factory is located in does not experience frequent power cuts. But since this was a manufacturing factory and it required...

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Facebook Provides Free Wi-Fi in Gujarat Using Solar Power. How? Read to Find Out:

What Was This Solar Project All About? This story is about a Facebook Campaign organised by Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India to make sure that the citizens of India enjoy free Wi-Fi in that area. Facebook recently collaborated with PM of India to...

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After Reading About Benefits of Solar Online, I Decided to Run my Home on Solar

Life Before Solar! Mr. Prabhu, lives in Vadodara, Gujarat. The area where Prabhu lives receives power supply at all time. But Prabhu and his family incurred electricity bills of INR 2500 every month. They wanted to get rid of it and also install a solar...

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Wow! This Water Pump in a Farm in Gujarat Runs on Solar. Learn How:

Why Did He Opt for Solar Power? This story is about Hardik Patel, who owns a farmhouse in Bhatpore Gam city located in Surat, Gujarat. The area where this farmhouse is located has no power lines. And people have resorted to using diesel generators which...

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Grand Salute! Gujarati Landlord Gifts Solar System to His Poor Worker’s Family for Diwali

You may have heard many generous Diwali gift stories, but we bet that this is totally unique! Here is a story about a generous landlord who decided to gift an entire solar system to his worker's family so that they can have 24x7 access to...

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Gujarat Government is Solarising its Lighthouses. Here’s Why:

The lighthouses monitor the seas during the nights and assists the defense forces of India to maintain peace and tranquility. Those lights are running comfortably on solar. Here is a story about how Su-Kam was a part of a massive solar installation in this government...

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Solar Installation at a Tabela in Surat for an uninterrupted electricity supply!

  With alternate sources to generate electricity garnering enough popularity, almost every business, household, and other spaces are preferring them. In the midst of these options, solar has emerged as the most convenient source and naturally, the demand for it has increased considerably over the...

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