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Su-Kam Confidence

There are companies, big & small, that make a range of products and offer a bouquet of services. These are companies that run substantial advertising & PR campaigns that proclaim their respective products and services to be the absolute best. Having said that, the most...

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Testifying to Su-Kam

Customer testimonials are a company's biggest proof of performance. Tall claims that various companies make can be accurately viewed through the lens of customer feedback, and stamping the seal of authenticity. And when it comes to feedback, it is both unanimous and prolific in favour...

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We thank Su-Kam!

There is seldom a brand that comes along and becomes part of a large population's daily life. A brand that becomes so entrenched in one's existence, it would be hard to imagine life without its products or services. Su-Kam, with its inverters & UPS systems,...

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Su-kam: Customer-certified!

Troubled by power-cuts? Thinking of buying an inverter? Batteries? Go for Su-kam........ recommend the customers. What can be a better accolade for a brand and its products than the good reviews of its loyal customers? E Dinakaran, a Scientist at ISRO in Brindavan says, “I...

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