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Royal Enfield Showroom in Hardoi Goes 100% Solar and Expects Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill in Coming Months

Mr. Nihal is the Director with Royal Enfield Company. He wanted to set an example in his company to promote the use of green energy, so he decided to start with solarizing the showroom of Royal Enfield located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Nihal...

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Petrol Pump Owner Was Spending Rs. 30,000 on Generator Monthly Until He Installed Solar

Mr. Manvendra stays in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. He owns a large filling station in which he has petrol dispensers and an office area for paper work. This area receives negligible electricity throughout the day. Power is available for maximum...

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I Can Now Run Entire Load of my 2BHK House on Solar – Fans, Coolers, Lights and Water Motor Pump. No Worries About Powercuts!

Life Before and After Solar Mr. Surender Singh lives in Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh. He ran his home-load on mains previously before he decided to go solar. The area that Surender lives has an issue of frequent power cuts. So he required a backup system...

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This Solar System in a Hospital in Hardoi Runs 15 Tubelights, Fans and Medical Equipment

Here is a story about how nursing home spent INR 60,000 on diesel generator per month and is now in process of solarizing the entire hospital. They want to thank Su-Kam for helping them see the real benefit of solar. Life Before Solar Power This...

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I’m Running a 1.5 Ton AC, 6 Fans and LED TV on Solar. Find out how:

Here is a story about how this gas agency owner in Hardoi decided to go solar in an area where there was no electricity available. Read more to know how: How He Chose Solar! Mr. Akhilesh owns a gas agency in Hardoi District, Uttar Pradesh....

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