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“I was tired of Spending Money on Generators so I Installed Solar to Power My Petrol Pump”

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Rajeev Garg, who helped this man save INR 10,000 on electricity bill per month by installed solar! Here is the full story - How Did Solar Help This Man? Mr. Rao stays in Kangra district in...

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Petrol Pump Owner Saves Massively After Installing Solar. The Entire Petrol Pump Runs on Solar!

Here is a story about how this petrol pump owner in Himachal Pradesh decided to go solar and saved INR 7000 on electricity bills. If you are looking to install a solar system in your home, read on to understand how it can bring about...

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Great! How This Woman is Making Her Petrol Pump Run on Solar

It isn’t just essential that we all know the immense benefits of solar but also how it has changed the global trend of electricity usage all together? Do you stay in an area that experiences frequent power cuts? Or in an area where your electricity...

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Family in Manali Goes Solar! How? What Kind of Inverter Did they Install? Off Grid or On Grid?

Su-kam’s Brainy Eco pure sine wave Home UPS has now become India’s best solar inverter that by the way also functions as a normal inverter. Brainy eco has now become the number one option for installing an inverter at your home. Packed with amazing features...

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Showroom Owner Installs Solar Inverter to Get Relief from Powercuts in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

When you face long and frequent powercuts then ordinary inverter is of now use because battery also needs power to get charged and run the inverter. Solar provides a reliable alternative source of power. Su-Kam released its most priced possession ‘Brainy eco pure sine wave...

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Su-kam – A great place to work

[caption id="attachment_398" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Pramod Khandelwal, Sr. Manager – Corporate HR, An integral part of the Su-kam family since last two years, he handles corporate HR at the company"] [/caption] Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in...

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