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Be Careful! 6 Myths about Inverter Batteries

If you live in an area where power cuts are frequent then you definitely know what an inverter is. And consequently you may have an idea about batteries too. Setting foot into the world of batteries you may have come across a million things about...

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Unbelievable! This Indian inverter has been working non-stop for 15 years

In 2000, Su-kam made the first MOSFET based inverter in India, with1250 VA power. It was a technological improvement over the conventional transistor based inverters, which, according to Mr. Sanjeev Saini, the Technical Director for Su-kam are ‘heavy, outdated and manually controlled’. MOSFET based inverters...

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Su-Kam – A name for all power back ups

It was seen that when power back-up options first appeared, there were only two options. One was the loud, often polluting, generator. The other, perhaps even worse, was the home-made, crude, and unreliable inverter. But that was the power back-up industry in its days of...

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Consumer Driven Su-Kam

It isn't often that one finds a company constantly pushing the boundaries; boundaries of technology, innovation, and sheer inventiveness. It is rarer still, when all of this innovation is derived solely from one focus - customer convenience. Su-Kam is one brand that does just that....

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