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I run 2 Big Fuel Dispensers, Computer, Printer, 8 Lights and Fans and Water Purifier on Solar in my Petrol Pump. How About You?

Mr. Vijay, owns a petrol pump in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. Especially in this petrol pump, there was no supply of electricity at all. When this petrol pump was constructed Vijay had decided to...

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10KVA Off Grid Solar System Runs 3 Fuel Dispensers in this Petrol Pump in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Tech Details in the Blog:

What Was the Condition Before Solar? The SSPS Sethi sons HP Petrol pump owned by Mr. Sethi is located in Jalgaon district in the Indian state of Maharastra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. A petrol pump requires 24...

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Village in Maharashtra That Gets Only 3 Hours of Power Supply Installs Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a village that has lived in the dark for decades and finally saw a ray of hope. Wondering if solar is worth it? Read on, this article will answer all your questions. Why A ‘Solar’ Street Light? Solar power...

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Shop Owner in Jalgoan Runs their Acs, Washing Machine and Microwave on Solar. Solar-powered house!

Grid tie solar inverters are in the limelight across India due to the recent Net Metering Policy that has been adopted by the Indian Government. According to this policy, one can feed the excess solar power generated from their solar panels that is not used...

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Engineering Students Convince the Head to Run College on Solar. What if All Students Were Like Them?

Students are the builders of tomorrow’s nation and this story is a proof of that. ‘Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon’ in Maharastra recently decided to go solar. Senior students of this college took up a new project to solarize their college and reduce massive expenditures...

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Frustrated with Frequent Power Cuts, Family in Maharashtra Installs Off-Grid Solar

Su-Kam recently installed a solar system in a home located in Jalgaon, a city in the state of Maharashtra. The installation was done by Chandarshekar Mahajan from ‘Sudarshan solar system agency’ Su-Kam’s authorized distributor. Mr. Chandarshekar has been with Su-Kam for over 6 years and...

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