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Solar Petrol Pump in UP Runs 4 Fuel Dispensers, 4 Lights, Fans and 2 Computers on 5KVA System. Here’s How:

Why Did They Install Solar Power? Mr. Sunil lives in Jhansi and owns a petrol pump in Mandawara District, UP. The area that this petrol pump is located receives no power supply. Sunil bought this petrol pump recently and since there was no electricity available...

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Bank in Dhule, Maharashtra, Faced 16 Hours of Daily Powercuts Until It Went Solar

Life Before Solar Power The central bank of India located in Mahrashtra in Dhule district recently went solar with Su-Kam. This branch is located in village of Dhule district that faces electricity issues. The bank faced 16 hours of powercuts every day and the mains...

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After Selling Solar Products for 6 Years in Haryana, this Entrepreneur Installed Solar in His Own House. But Why?

“Practice what you preach” Here is a story about Su-Kam’s authorized solar distributor Mr. Mukesh Kumar Lather from Friends enterprises who decided not just to sell solar as a business but to really reap the benefits of it by installing a solar system at his...

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Petrol Pump Goes Solar in Sirsa to Save Money and Get 24×7 Electricity. It Was Spending Rs. 35,000 On Diesel Generator Per Month!

Solar energy has rightly seen a growing demand in various cities across India. Specially petrol pumps and areas that require power back up at all times. Here is a story about a petrol pump located in Sirsa that struggled with no grid connection for months...

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Engineering Students Convince the Head to Run College on Solar. What if All Students Were Like Them?

Students are the builders of tomorrow’s nation and this story is a proof of that. ‘Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon’ in Maharastra recently decided to go solar. Senior students of this college took up a new project to solarize their college and reduce massive expenditures...

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Do You Know About This Solar Powered Bio-gas Plant in Delhi? Two Renewables Working Together

A bio-gas plant located in Kishanganj, railway station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi recently turned to solar to run their motors that convert burnt and fertilized bio-gas substrate into electricity and heat. Previously the bio-gas motors were running on grid supply and fetched a good monthly...

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