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Powercuts in Bihar Made Big FM Go For Online UPS!

The reliance broadcasting network has recently opened a Big FM office in Bihar. This radio office has sensitive equipment that requires the continuous power supply to run smoothly. The area that this office is located does not experience frequent powercuts. However, since this office had...

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Solar Petrol Pump in UP Runs 4 Fuel Dispensers, 4 Lights, Fans and 2 Computers on 5KVA System. Here’s How:

Why Did They Install Solar Power? Mr. Sunil lives in Jhansi and owns a petrol pump in Mandawara District, UP. The area that this petrol pump is located receives no power supply. Sunil bought this petrol pump recently and since there was no electricity available...

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IntelliQ Online UPS system

The Most Reliable Management Systems for Mission Critical Applications: true On-Line protection for Network Servers, Bridges, Hubs, Routers, Storage Devices and Critical Workstations, Medical Equipment, Industrial Products, Telecommunication Systems etc. The primary purpose of the IntelliQ On-Line UPS System is to protect critical and sensitive...

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