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Su-kam Power-Doc – Empowering lives

Su-kam's eclectic product mix boasts of several innovative additions, Power-Doc being one of them. This compact device is the answer to all the problems caused by frequent power-cuts and fluctuations. Let power instability no more cause you any worry. Power-Doc is the protection and the...

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Static Bypass Switches

The Static Bypass Switch takes two sources of power at the input and monitors them continuously to provide the better of the two available powers to the electrical load connected at the output. One source is used as master and the other as slave. The...

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Su-Kam IntelliQ online UPS communication software

The Su-Kam On-Line UPS Systems have an RS-232 Interface for the Power Manager. This user-friendly On-Line UPS Communication Software controls and monitors UPS performance and programs UPS commands. An easy-to-use software, it is based on the RS 232 world standard for interfacing Digital Signal Processor...

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PPS with Time Delay Relay (TDR): 6AMP/250VAC

[caption id="attachment_29" align="alignleft" width="112" caption="Power Protection System (PPS) with Time Delay Relay (TDR)"][/caption] Nobody on the Earth would like to get their appliances damaged. They are expensive and one takes utmost care for them. But we are going to care for your appliances. So, Su-Kam...

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