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Customers swear by Su-Kam

Why do a large group of people love a specific brand? Is it because its products and services fulfill a compelling need? But there are hundreds of companies that make products for every kind of need. Then, is it because a specific brand is more...

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Su-Kam – Serving the society

Lots of people are engaged in the betterment of society. The Government, NGOs, and individual philanthropists – collectively work towards redeeming people of many socio-economic ailments. But when it comes to businesses, there are very few companies that have done good for society with their...

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United in Su-Kam praise

We live in a world where we take a lot for granted. Electricity is one such thing. We consider constant power our birthright. And rightly so, because it is a service we pay dearly for. But despite this, we are often left with load shedding...

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Su-Kam throughout India

Through the length and breadth of the country, Su-Kam is one company that has made its mark. In a nation constantly grappling with power shortage, Su-Kam, for over a decade now, has served the people with world class power back-up products. They have helped them...

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Su-kam – Uninterrupted power supply

The UPS, the Uninterrupted Power Supply system, has long been both a friend to the computer user. Providing undulating power supply, it is an absolute prerequisite for protecting your computer equipment from voltage fluctuations and potential damage. However, for long, the UPS systems have themselves...

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Taking India global – Su-Kam

Su-Kam has literally created the power back-up industry sector & market from scratch. Gone are the days when inverters were crudely manufactured in the backyards of suburban homes, in make-shift garage workshops. Thanks to Su-Kam, there is a thriving industry full of cutting edge products,...

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