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This Touchscreen Solar Inverter is helping me Save Massively on Electricity While Giving 24×7 Power to My Factory

Mr. Harry Angapengawala owns a Prawn Cultivating center (Zingga Talav) in Surat district, Gujarat. This center is located in a remote area of Surat where no electricity supply is available. To run their day to day light load in their office and a 5-room servant...

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The People of Afghanistan Support an Indian Solar Company to Meet their Electricity Needs

Afghanistan is a country located within South Asia and Central Asia. With a population of approximately 32 million, Afghanistan is the 42nd most populous country in the world. The decades of war have left the country's power grid badly damaged. As of 2012, approximately 33% of the Afghan...

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After Battling 15 Hours of Daily Powercuts, I Finally Installed Solar in My Farm in Haryana. I Can Now Save Rs. 60,000 Yearly

Mr. Vikas owns a dairy farm in Rewari District, Haryana. The area that this farm is located experiences massive power cuts, power is available only for 6 hours every day here. Vikas was paying heavily on the electricity bills as well as on the fuel...

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Royal Enfield Showroom in Hardoi Goes 100% Solar and Expects Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill in Coming Months

Mr. Nihal is the Director with Royal Enfield Company. He wanted to set an example in his company to promote the use of green energy, so he decided to start with solarizing the showroom of Royal Enfield located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Nihal...

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Wow! The Students of this School in UP Convinced the Management to Install Solar to Get Relief from Powercuts and Save Money on Generators

The St. Peters school is located in Agra district, Uttar Pradesh. Since this school was constructed, it faced the problem of electricity supply in the school. There are frequent power cuts in that area. The students, teachers and management struggled with this for months. They...

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This Family Installed Grid-Tie Solar System and Now Their Electricity Bill is down by 70%

This story has been narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Harwinder who helped this man reduce his bills of INR 7000 by 80%. Here is the full story! Why A Grid-Tie System? Mr. Harwinder Singh is located in Punjab. His office named ‘Solarium solar power...

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This Entire Hospital in Telangana is Now Solar Powered! Grid-tie Solar Inverter Helps Keep the Electricity Bill Low

Dr. Dev Pal Reddy owns a Nursing Home in Telangana state called ‘Sri Lata Nursing home'. This nursing home is a large hospital that runs high wattage appliances that use a lot of power over the day to run. Dev Pal Reddy spent INR 25000...

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My 3BHK Flat in Haryana is Now Fully Solar! It Runs 3 Fans and Lights, 1 PC, 1 Water Motor and Fridge Smoothly

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor who recently converted this house into a solar powered station! Read the full story below: Why Did They Opt For Solar? Mr. Dhrambir lives with his wife and 3 kids in a flat in Meham district, Haryana....

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This Village in Haryana Gets Only 2 Hours of Electricity from Grid Daily. Solar is Becoming a Life Saver Here!

Only 1 or 2 hours of powercuts are enough to annoy us. But what happens when not the powercuts, but the electricity from grid lasts only 1 or 2 hours? Yes, sadly, there are many places in India that suffer from acute problem of lack...

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