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My 100% Solar Home Has 10 Fans and Lights, 1.5 Ton AC, Fridge and TV. Know the Tech Specs of My Solar System:

Mr. Mandeep Khamboja, lives in Village Titu Khera District Sirsa, Haryana. The area that this home is does not receive any power supply during the day time. They were running their home appliances only after sun set when electricity is available for few hours. Mandeep...

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I run 2 Big Fuel Dispensers, Computer, Printer, 8 Lights and Fans and Water Purifier on Solar in my Petrol Pump. How About You?

Mr. Vijay, owns a petrol pump in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. Especially in this petrol pump, there was no supply of electricity at all. When this petrol pump was constructed Vijay had decided to...

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This Village in Haryana Gets Only 2 Hours of Electricity from Grid Daily. Solar is Becoming a Life Saver Here!

Only 1 or 2 hours of powercuts are enough to annoy us. But what happens when not the powercuts, but the electricity from grid lasts only 1 or 2 hours? Yes, sadly, there are many places in India that suffer from acute problem of lack...

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70 lights, 8 Fans, Fridge, TV and Cooler in My 5BHK Home Run on Solar! I’m Saving 1000s of Rs in Electricity Bill

Mr. Jishan lives with his family in a two storied house in West Bengal district Howrah.  His house runs the usual home load that includes about 8 fans, 60 to 70 led lights, one refrigerator, and other light loads. The area where this house is...

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Proof! I’m Saving Rs. 6,000 Monthly After Installing Solar in My House. My Electricity Bill Proves This

Mr. Amey lives with his family in flat in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. His house runs the usual home load that includes about one submersible pump 1HP, Roof  lights – 48 in number (12V each), 16W tube lights in number, 1...

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Home in Trivandrum Runs 3 ACs, Fridge, Microwave, Lights and Fans on Solar. But How?

Mr. Daniel stays in Trivandrum district in Kerala with his two daughters, his wife and in-laws. The area that he stays in did not have a problem of frequent power cuts those were just occasional but he had a large house and his electricity bill...

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Must See: This Farm in Rajasthan Runs on 100% Solar Power! Water Pump Motors, Fans, Lights – Everything Runs on Solar

Mr. Swapan stays in Banswara district in Rajasthan state with his family. He owns a large farm in which he has created greenhouse effect for his crops. This area receives no electricity. The farm has been functioning in the dark since many months. Swapan owns...

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Petrol Pump Owner Was Spending Rs. 30,000 on Generator Monthly Until He Installed Solar

Mr. Manvendra stays in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. He owns a large filling station in which he has petrol dispensers and an office area for paper work. This area receives negligible electricity throughout the day. Power is available for maximum...

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This Area in Punjab Gets Only 4 Hours of Electricity Daily. So, People Turn to Solar.

Here is a story about a man who suffered from lack of electricity lines in his area and wanted electricity to construct a new home for himself. This Man Could Construct His Home All Thanks to Solar Power Mr. Suresh stays in district Baltana in...

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