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Businessman in Haryana was Spending Rs. 19000 Monthly on Electricity Costs. Then He Installed Solar.

Mr. Bajrang Goel who lives in Meham, Rohtak district, Haryana recently decided to install a solar system in his house as well as his in his jewelry shop. Haryana a State in India receives approximately 13 hours of sunlight in a day. More day light...

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Woah! Company in Haryana Installs 100 KVA Grid tie Solar System. But Why? The Reason Makes Sense

Recently a reputed company ‘Multivent Engineers’ located in Manakpur industrial area Yamunanagar solarize its running load of about 100KW by installing Su-Kam’s grid tie inverters and solar panels. This massive solar installation was a major success and helped to significantly reduce the company’s monthly electricity...

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