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Brilliant! This Engineering Student Converted His Existing Inverter into Solar Power System

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems” - Scott Adams Interestingly, for this engineering student, there was a problem – frequent and long powercuts. The way he solved is pure brilliance. Instead of buying...

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Frustrated with Frequent Power Cuts, Family in Maharashtra Installs Off-Grid Solar

Su-Kam recently installed a solar system in a home located in Jalgaon, a city in the state of Maharashtra. The installation was done by Chandarshekar Mahajan from ‘Sudarshan solar system agency’ Su-Kam’s authorized distributor. Mr. Chandarshekar has been with Su-Kam for over 6 years and...

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Solar Powered Petrol Pumps Becoming New Trend in India? Another Pump in Haryana Goes Solar. Here’s Why

The beauty of solar lies in its reliability. Here is a story about two brothers who own a petrol pump in Rohtak city of Haryana (A northern state of India) and recently decided to go solar. LIFE BEFORE SOLAR The two brothers, Mr. Neeraj Jain...

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Modiji’s Gujarat is Turning to be a Solar State. Another House Goes Solar. Read to Know How and Why.

Here is an interesting story of a young man living in the United Kingdom, who wanted to install a solar system in his house to ensure that electricity is available at all times for his ailing parents. HOW ASHRAF AND HIS FAMILY DECIDED TO GO...

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Solar Street Light Proving To Be a Blessing for this Village in Tamil Nadu That Has No Electricity

WHY SOLAR STREET LIGHT? With solar slowly growing popularity across India, we are seeing a rising number of solar installations be it complete solar systems running house loads and making them independent from the grid supply or solar standalone street lights bringing light into a...

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Woah! This Oil Company in Pune Has Gone Solar To Get 24×7 Green Power

Recently an edible oil company ‘Satguru Agro Oil Industries’ made a smart decision of going solar with Su-Kam power systems limited and they now run their entire load though solar energy. They enjoy complete independence from monthly electricity bills and costly diesel generators. WHY SOLAR?...

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Innovative ‘Made in India’ Solar DC Power System Installed in England

Solar energy can help to provide electricity in areas where the grid supply has no way of reaching. Such far flung areas will be able to run completely on standalone solar systems. Keeping this in mind we at Su-Kam, have introduced a solar DC system....

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India’s Popular Solar Company Now Reaches Egypt

Now-a-days, people across the globe are finally becoming more aware about the alternate sources of energy generation. They are realizing the benefits of solar energy and trying to implement the same for meeting their power needs. Moreover, when 100% ‘Made In India’ products are appreciated...

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