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Must see: How Solar Lights Are Illuminating the Royal City of Udaipur

Solar street lights are in high demand across India. It's not just become a want but a necessity now because traditional street lights need electricity from grid to function – which is not available in many parts of India. Solar street lights, on the other...

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This Farmhouse in Village Has No Grid Connectivity But Gets 24×7 Power From 25 Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a farmhouse that has lived in the dark for months because of no electricity lines in that area. The owners then opted for Su-Kam solar street lights and finally saw light in their farmhouse. Here is what happened: Why...

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Village in Maharashtra That Gets Only 3 Hours of Power Supply Installs Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a village that has lived in the dark for decades and finally saw a ray of hope. Wondering if solar is worth it? Read on, this article will answer all your questions. Why A ‘Solar’ Street Light? Solar power...

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Solar Street Light Proving To Be a Blessing for this Village in Tamil Nadu That Has No Electricity

WHY SOLAR STREET LIGHT? With solar slowly growing popularity across India, we are seeing a rising number of solar installations be it complete solar systems running house loads and making them independent from the grid supply or solar standalone street lights bringing light into a...

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