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“I Converted My Existing Inverter to Solar and I Now Pay Only Rs. 20 in Electricity Bills,” Says this Man from Haryana

Yes, you read that right! Mr. Ramesh recently converted his existing inverter battery system into a solar system. His electricity bill was Rs. 20 this month! Read more to find out what he installed - Life Before Solar Mr. Ramesh and his wife stay in...

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I Converted My Existing Inverter and Battery into Solar Power System By Spending Little Money. You Can Too. Learn How

Life Before Solar Mr. Navjeewan and his wife stay in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The area that Navjeewan stays has a problem of frequent power cuts. And so, they had to install and inverter and batteries for power back up during power cuts. Navjeewan...

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How Smart! This Man in UP Uses His Existing Normal Inverter to Generate Solar Power

I come across a million examples of increasing number of people are not only opting for solar, they are also going in to convert their existing backup systems to a solar based back up system. And here is another such story. With real examples we...

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Brilliant! This Engineering Student Converted His Existing Inverter into Solar Power System

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems” - Scott Adams Interestingly, for this engineering student, there was a problem – frequent and long powercuts. The way he solved is pure brilliance. Instead of buying...

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Solar Savings! 75% Reduction in Electricity Bill After Installing Solar

Solar has penetrated remote parts of India. Indian villages and towns have embraced solar like never before. It won’t be long when every house in India will be powered by solar energy. Recently, a house in UP got 75% reduction in power bill using solar...

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