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This Touchscreen Solar Inverter is helping me Save Massively on Electricity While Giving 24×7 Power to My Factory

Mr. Harry Angapengawala owns a Prawn Cultivating center (Zingga Talav) in Surat district, Gujarat. This center is located in a remote area of Surat where no electricity supply is available. To run their day to day light load in their office and a 5-room servant...

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Solar Installation at a Tabela in Surat for an uninterrupted electricity supply!

  With alternate sources to generate electricity garnering enough popularity, almost every business, household, and other spaces are preferring them. In the midst of these options, solar has emerged as the most convenient source and naturally, the demand for it has increased considerably over the...

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Solar Saga Continues: Touch screen PCU installed in Surat

Solar in India is being welcomed with open arms. Its accessibility, affordability and availability in India add to its advantages. It is a one-time investment with no worries of maintenance at the later stage. This makes it a perfect solution for electricity worries even in...

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