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Powercuts in Bihar Made Big FM Go For Online UPS!

The reliance broadcasting network has recently opened a Big FM office in Bihar. This radio office has sensitive equipment that requires the continuous power supply to run smoothly. The area that this office is located does not experience frequent powercuts. However, since this office had...

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“I didn’t Install Diesel Generator Because I Don’t Want to Make My City More Polluted” What Did He Do Then?

Mr. Devashish is the plant manager of a manufacturing factory called ‘Technic Firm’ located in Surat that is currently under construction. The area that this factory is located in does not experience frequent power cuts. But since this was a manufacturing factory and it required...

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‘No’ to Diesel Generators! This Company Runs 50 Computers on 10KVA Online UPS

Fusion outsourcing is a BPO company located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The company required its computers to run 24/7 since it was a customer service company. Fusion outsourcing had 4 of Su-kam’s commercial UPS installed in their company that took care of the lighting load. They...

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Su-kam – Uninterrupted power supply

The UPS, the Uninterrupted Power Supply system, has long been both a friend to the computer user. Providing undulating power supply, it is an absolute prerequisite for protecting your computer equipment from voltage fluctuations and potential damage. However, for long, the UPS systems have themselves...

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