The Best Documentary on How India is Going Solar Made by Discovery Channel


When you read papers or watch news these days you are forced to think negatively about our great nation, India. However, many positive developments are taking place in India. Lives of millions of Indians who live in remote villages are getting better. So put your newspaper down and switch off the TV to spare 20 minutes to watch this short documentary on how solar is bringing livelihood, development and many positive changes in the lives of Indian villagers.

What is the solar documentary about?

The documentary made by Discovery Channel India takes us into the lives of two Indian villagers – one in Uttar Pradesh and the other one in Tripura. Raju, is a 8 year-old boy who studies at the a Government school in Uttar Pradesh. He is the youngest son of a petty farmer but he sure has big dreams – he wants to become a doctor. How can he achieve his dream if he lives in a village which has never had access to electricity? A village where people travel 20 kms just so they could charge their mobile phones. A village where farmers are forced to stay poor because they can’t water their fields in the absence of electrical pump. A village where women do not feel safe and have to cook food in dark. My eyes burn when I study in candle light”, says Raju. But one day their lives are turned around when an Indian solar company installs DC solar power system in their houses. They now have electricity 24×7.


And then we meet a young to-be mother who has come to the only hospital in her village after traveling 200kms so that she can deliver her baby safely. The doctor tells us about the days when they were forced to deliver babies in candle light because there was no electricity. Isn’t that outrageous? A hospital of all the places must have 24×7 power – it is literally a matter of life and death. However, now all small hospitals in Tripura run on solar installed by Su-Kam. They can now operate many machines on solar which helps them save lives every day. The baby is born healthy and the mom is ready to go home.


While going solar in the above two cases is a matter of necessity, there is a college situated in the modern city of Chandigarh which has decided to run on solar to help save the environment. The movie features Punjab Engineering College which runs on 1MW solar power plant – first largest solar project in India. The solar system is going to generate electricity worth 1 crore every year. The extra energy would be fed back to the grid.


Watch this interesting documentary on solarization of India and share your feedback with us.



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