The Cheapest Way to go Solar

The demand for solar for power backup needs is on the high in the present times pertaining to its affordability and accessibility. Everybody can do something to help save the environment and make their own electricity by going solar. It can be installed conveniently and is maintenance free.

Modi ji at climate summit

Recently, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a climate summit at Paris where he launched an international solar alliance of over 120 countries with the French president, François Hollande. “Solar technology is evolving, costs are coming down and grid connectivity is improving,” he said while orienting the audience towards the benefits of going solar.

Further, he said, “The dream of universal access to clean energy is becoming more real. This will be the foundation of the new economy of the new century”. Modi described the solar alliance as “the sunrise of new hope, not just for clean energy but for villages and homes still in darkness, for mornings and evening filled with a clear view of the glory of the sun”.

Solar Mini DC System-USB

Su-Kam: Helping India go solar

Su-Kam resounds with Modi’s thoughts on solar energy and has therefore introduced yet another innovative and unique product to help people access solar energy for electricity generation.

Solar Mini DC System-USB

It’s called the solar DC home lighting system. This is a mini off grid system and is portable too. This can be easily charged with solar energy or in case of absence of solar, an adapter can be used to charge it. Su-Kam has also provided two LED bulbs with the product. Many appliances like 40 Watt DC TV, 10 Watt DC Fan, Phone, etc. can be connected to this system and operated. There is an FM port as well.

Watch how this mini solar power system works:

How can Indians help in Modiji’s vision of solar India?

The power backup needs of India can easily be taken care of with the help of a free, clean and green source of energy i.e. the sun. With our Prime Minister Modi actively working towards bringing solar revolution, we as citizen of India can now help to propagate his vision by taking small little steps towards the big dream of solar India. For the start, opting for an easy to carry and affordable product can be a win-win. Su-Kam’s DC home lighting system is a great way to experience solar. You can place it anywhere in your homes and use it with different appliances to use free electricity to run your daily errands.

Buy this amazing product online now:

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