The People of Afghanistan Support an Indian Solar Company to Meet their Electricity Needs

Afghanistan is a country located within South Asia and Central Asia. With a population of approximately 32 million, Afghanistan is the 42nd most populous country in the world. The decades of war have left the country’s power grid badly damaged. As of 2012, approximately 33% of the Afghan population had access to electricity and in the capital Kabul, 70% had access to reliable 24-hour electricity.

The country currently needs at least 2,000 MW of electricity, and is estimated that it will need around 3,000 MW to meet its needs by 2020. The Afghan National Development Strategy has identified alternative energy, such as wind and solar energy, as a high value power source to develop.


Su-Kam decided to spread the knowledge of solar power and established its service centers and authorized outlets in Afghanistan. Slowly people turned to solar to light up their homes. Today, increasing number of people are taking inspiration from each other and installing solar systems in their homes in Afghanistan.


Su-Kam feels proud to help such a large number of citizens of Afghanistan country and to successfully establish a flourishing solar industry.


This story is about our authorized distributor located in Afghanistan and how he has taken up the pledge to solarize the entire country.

Su-Kam’s Presence in Afghanistan

The RMA Group owned by Mr. Hazbullah Wardak started working with Su-Kam in 2009. They are located in Jalalabad Road, District 9, Pule-i-Charkhi Kabul Afghanistan. They manage and supply Su-Kam’s products (Like Solar Online UPS, Solar Home UPS, Solar PCU, SMF Batteries, Gel batteries) all over Afghanistan.

The RMA Group has solar customers all over Afghanistan. They have carried out a number of installations within the last 7 years across different sites like Homes, Offices, Telecom sites, Government offices and large industries. Mr. Hazbullah says, ‘It has been an honour to associate with Su-Kam seeing the large demand for solar in Afghanistan. Over the last few years, number of people in Afghanistan have been able to light up their homes with solar power and we must thank Su-Kam for its immense contribution to green energy. We have 60 qualified engineers working with us who are equipped with technical knowledge and solar know how to give the right advice to our customers and carry out solar installations with expertise. Solar is the future here in Afghanistan. With the help of Su-Kam, we have been able to carry out major branding activities across the country to spread the knowledge of solar power and help people reach out to us.’


Government Officials from Afghanistan Along With the RMA Group Visits Su-Kam’s Head Office in India

On the 16th April 2017 (Sunday), Mr. Hazbullah from the RMA Group along with 3 government officials arrived at Delhi airport to visit the Su-Kam head office and inverter plant located in Gurgaon. Their visit was planned over 3 days during which they visited the head office in the first day where they were warmly greeted by the MD of Su-Kam Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. They were introduced to the new technologies Su-Kam is venturing into and were also introduced to Su-Kam’s New YouTube channel where they saw the live working of our solar products and concepts of solar energy explained through simple animated videos.


The following day they visited Su-Kam’s solar training center in Manav Rachna, Faridabad followed by a visit to Su-Kam’s Battery plant in Baddi. They were impressed by the dedication of one and all present in Su-Kam towards their single goal of solarizing the country and the world.


It was a pleasure to have them over and they are cordially invited for another visit to India anytime!



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