The smart and self-driven Chennai residents make solar a trend!


Located on the Bay of Bengal, the capital city of Tamil Nadu – Chennai – is now beaming under the sun. A popular tourist destination, the city is the third-largest populated area in India. Encompassing a rich cultural heritage, Chennai is a store house for art.

The residents of Chennai have a broad outlook towards the advancements that take place globally. They understand that in order to bring a change, they need to work towards it. To tackle the problem of power shortage and saving non-renewable resources for future, Chennai residents understand the need of switching to alternate sources of energy generation . Sun being a free source of energy comes across as the most preferred solution here. It is also an ideal destination for solar as the sun shines in abundance here.

Chennai residents have always been smart and pro-environmentalists, thanks to the high literacy rate in the region. No wonder that the self-driven residents have made solar rooftop installations a trend in Chennai. Along with turning to solar for their homes and businesses, these residents are now sending the surplus power to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB). Rooftop solar installations are a great choice as they don’t take larger areas and yet clean, green, maintenance free electricity can be sufficiently enjoyed for a lifetime.

How sending electricity back to the grid can be advantageous?

V. Balakrishnan, a resident of Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, is all praises for solar. At the age of 79, this man became a change, a trendsetter by installing a 10×12 feet split solar panel having a capacity of 1.5KW.

He explains, “The months I generate surplus energy I need not pay the electricity bill, which now seldom exceeds Rs. 400. Earlier, it invariably crossed Rs. 2,000. Since my system generates 6 units per day, I can recover the Rs. 1.2 lakh I spent on my solar power system in around six years. With this system, one does not need expensive batteries, and can avoid any loss of electricity through discharge. The days my system generates more electricity than what is needed, it is banked as an electricity credit with the state electricity board, and results in earnings.”

Now who would not want to switch to a solution that is renewable, reliable, and at the same time, free!

As a result, the concept is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Chennai is now turning into a solar hub with a number of houses, schools, businesses, etc. running on solar. People are becoming aware of the benefits of solar and they understand that it is the best means to tackle the problem of power crunch.

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