The ‘Solar’ Connection: Delhi Couple Tells Why All Delhites Should Go Solar

Meet this couple from Delhi who switched on the sun to save energy and money.

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Mr. Madhusudan and his wife Amita reside in the upmarket colony of Vasant Kunj in Delhi. Mr. Madhusudan is an engineer and a consultant by profession and Mrs. Amita was a principal at a local school. Seems pretty ordinary, right!? But there’s something that makes them extraordinary.

Last year, this couple, decided to make the drastic switch to solar power, and since then they have been smiling with eco-friendliness, because not only are they producing their own electricity as per their requirement but also they are saving a lot of money on electricity bills, which have practically become non-existent. They installed two solar power panels of capacity 0.5 Kwatts at their house.

Why did they decide to switch to solar?

They are, what we would lovingly call them, ‘a modern-day eco-friendly couple’. They had wanted to make the switch since a long time, and had installed solar lighting in their garden 10 years ago. But for the house, they wished for a solar power planner but they were looking for an auto-controlled one, where the battery charges automatically during the day without them having to switch it on manually. Su-kam gave them what they had desired, and they decided to switch on a greener lifestyle!

solar vasant kunj - 0112Mr. Madhusudan makes sure that his battery is charged during the day through his solar power panel, unlike the conventional invertors that are charged through the state supply, and hence he can enjoy uninterrupted electricity whenever he wants.

Why you should go green too?

When you install a solar panel in your house, you not only contribute towards conserving energy and protecting the environment, but also you save a lot on your electricity bill.

According to Mr. Madhusudan, he saves approximately Rs. 8000 annually, and this is because there are only 2 people residing in this house. Had there been more people, the savings would have been much higher.

“We suggest all Delhites to help the environment and go solar. Delhi is becoming infamous for being one of the most polluted city in the world. Let’s join hands and make it a solar city by creating green energy,” urges the lovely couple.

They even thanked Su-kam for being an inspiration to many Dilliwalas.

The demand for cleaner, greener energy is rising

According to Mr. Sahil, who installed the solar power panels at Mr. Madhusudan’s house, the demand of solar energy is rising day by day, primarily because it gives long term benefits. For home solar installations like this one, there is just one time cost of around Rs. 35,000, but you end up saving a lot.

The sun is the most viable source of clean, green, renewable energy and it is time that we should follow the footsteps of this super awesome couple from Vasant Kunj, and add a little bit of sun to our lives, because, wouldn’t it be cool if we produced our own electricity and used it as per our requirement? All you need to do is make the important decision to switch on the sun, and Su-Kam will do the rest for you!

Let the sun brighten up your life. Call Su-Kam on 1800-102-4423 and solarize your house today.

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