The solarification of a gawshala in Jaipur!


Solar energy has managed to reach the hitherto untouched areas of India and touch many lives in the process. Not only this, it has also managed to bring people closer and bridge the boundaries of class. With the help of solar energy, every nook and corner of this country can now dream of having access to uninterrupted, self-controlled electricity. It no longer remains some utopian euphoria.


Gawshala in Jaipur is now solar:


This story is about a Gawshala situated in Shivadaspura in Jaipur that decided to go solar on experimental basis on 23rd December, 2015. Mr. Devendra from the Su-Kam team installed a 9 watt Su-Kam street lighting system known as SunWay there. A SunWay is a lense packed LED based solar powered street lighting system which has the advantage of configuring as per the backup and individual requirements of the system. The high efficiency LED based street lighting system has more LUX and at the same time reduces the size of panels.


This SunWay comes with various features including high efficient solar LED street lighting, automatic ON/OFF with integrated sensor, minimum 5 years life of solar panel, rechargeable no-maintenance Lead Acid Battery Tubular Battery etc.


The solar street lights comprise of photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy during daytime and convert it into electrical energy. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically.

Mr. Devendra and his team had exhibited some of Su-Kam’s solar products as Falcon+ inverter, Solarcon and Su-Kam’s street lighting systems in the area, because of which Mr. Suraj, the owner of the Gawshala, decided to get it installed. The entire set up cost him around 15000 INR including the SunWay and LED light with inbuilt Lithium battery. He is now planning to get another 30 solar LED lights for his Gawshala.



In the words of Mr. Devendra “Mr. Suraj was inspired by products showcased by Su-Kam and hence he decided to switch to solar energy. This is his first solar installation and he is happy with the results, and now he is planning to install more solar street lights”.

Go Solar to be a part of the change

This is one of the many steps being taken by people towards energy conservation. It is heartening to see more and more people going solar with each passing day. Together we can and we will make a difference.


(Devendra Kumar is a part of Su-Kam’s installation team, Rajasthan and can be contacted on 09785442943 for installations or any other queries related to Su-Kam).


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