The Story of a Dedicated Sukamian!

I joined Su-Kam When I was 17 and I am 35 Now. My Journey of 18 Years at Su-Kam:

A company is known by the people work in it. There has been a shift in the ideology of the working class from being loyal to one company in the good old days to ‘company hopping’ and we call it. But of course we do not blame the workers. It is an obvious outcome of the compromised environmental as well as mental conditions that companies provide to their employees.

And so there is no attachment no loyalty.


In today’s fast moving world we have forgotten the value of our people. Employees who can take a company to heights and also reduce it to ashes. We here at Su-Kam strive continuously to provide the best working conditions to our people. We want to change the concept of loyalty being a thing of the past and so we forever have kept the happiness and well-being of our employees as top priority.


Here is an example of our dedicated employee Mr. Pradeep Mishra:

He turned 35 in October last year. He has been with us for over 18 years. He started his journey with Su-Kam when he was a young boy of 17. He stayed in Delhi with his sister and his parents. He thought of contributing to his family by working just like his family did.


And so he joined Su-Kam on 14th march 1998. Su-Kam at that time was located in Nangal, Delhi. He worked there as a helper for fixing inverters, replacing transformers etc. He went on to finish his education and also studied an ITI course in electronics. After that he moved with Su-Kam to its Gurgaon branch. In 2003 he moved to our inverter plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Today we are proud to say that he heading our production team in Baddi. He is also the man behind eliminating the defects of our products which makes them just perfect. He has been with Su-Kam at every step with all its ups and downs. He is now a part of this big family.


He still remembers his journey as if it was yesterday because he says and I quote, ‘This company is my like my family I have grown so attached to it over these years because of the immense support and love I have received working here’. Pradeep Mishra continues to be a vital and integral part of the company and we are proud and blessed to have such people working for us.







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