Thinking ahead the Su-kam way…Customized Petrol Pump Inverter

Thinking ahead of time and using the latest, most promising technologies to develop new products for customer’s delight has been a passion for Su-kam. Su-kam has always emphasized on walking an extra mile to satisfy the customer in the most interesting and unexpected way. With this noble thought, Su-kam went ahead to deliver customized solutions for power –back problems to customers whose need was unique.

This is an era where organisations survive and prevail only for their competitive advantage over others. To ensure that they stay ahead of others, organisations today need to attune themselves with the latest developments at all times. Given this, how do they ensure that their petrol pump runs without interruption at all times, even in case of a power outage. A petrol pump must run on a 24×7 basis to be in competition and cater to the needs of its customer. Sudden power failure leads to loss of fuel, time and money of both the customer and the petrol pump owner. To provide a solution to this inconvenience, Su-kam has come up with tailored made petrol pump inverter.

A shared passive infrastructure provider is required to maintain the passive infrastructure to optimum levels of efficiency. And it needs to be ensured that all the subsystems are efficiently run so that not only are there no site outages but an accurate cost control is exercised. For this purpose, a reliable mechanism for remote control and monitoring of all component subsystems must be inbuilt.

Su-kam offers Su-kam Petrol Pump Inverter SPD-5KWp and Colossal, a DSP sine wave inverter customized for petrol pump power back solution. Su-kam Petrol Pump Inverter SPD-5KWp has Fuzzy Logic Control – a unique and advanced technology that protects the battery. These batteries have Built-in battery equalizer, extended back-up, higher battery capacity and longer life. They reduce frequency of water topping and thus enhance battery life. Added to this, they provide high and low input voltage protection.

Thus doing it the Su-kam way not only saves power comsumption but also minimizes CAPEX and OPEX including maintenance cost. Less power consumption makes you environment responsible and cost saving makes you rich….a win win thought it is! So think ahead…think Su-kam.



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