This Community in Dharamshala Runs its 250 Rooms with Lights, Fans, ACs, Geysers and Water Pumps on 30KW Solar Power Plant. Read How:

It looks like the dream of ‘Solar India’ is now becoming a reality. From houses to offices – from schools to hospitals – more and more establishments are going solar. And why shouldn’t they!? Solar is good for the environment, gives you 24×7 electricity and is pocket-friendly too. Su-Kam is very happy to be a part of solar revolution in India.

One of our prestigious solar channel partner, Mr Sandeep completed a 30KW solar power plant installation project at Gujarat Sudhaar Sabha with the Department of Renewable Energy, Govt. Of Haryana. The details of this solar project are very interesting and worth sharing. So here it goes…


Why Was Solar Adopted In This Sabha?

Mr. Sandeep is Su-Kam’s authorized distributor. His office named ‘Sunshine Solar Pack’ is located in Dharamshala, Haryana. They have been selling and distributing Su-Kam’s solar products for a while now. Sandeep and his team of qualified engineers have a strong hold on solar knowledge.

Recently, the management committee of the Gurjar Sudhaar Sabha decided they must convert the entire area into a solar powered station. This area holds a total of 250 rooms. There are 25 AC rooms, 45 rooms with coolers, 16 hall type rooms, and rest are ordinary rooms. Along with that, there are 5 store rooms and 3 big halls.


To sum it up, the entire area runs the electrical load of 45KW. The president of this committee decided to apply for a subsidy to solarize this entire place with the HAREDA. The government of Haryana sanctioned a subsidy to install a 30KW solar plant here and the management committee was given a subsidy amount of INR 6 lakhs.

Then the committee then contacted Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Sandeep to carry out this solar installation in the Sabha. Sandeep decided to install one 30KW grid-tie inverter with 30KW solar panels in this area along with a net meter.

How Is A Grid-tie Inverter Better Than A Regular Inverter?

Grid-tie inverters are amazingly designed machines that basically enable you to feed back the excess solar energy generated to the grid and earn money. Excess solar energy means the energy you don’t use to run your load.

Grid-tie inverters are always connected to the grid. One cannot install grid-tie inverters in areas that do not receive any mains supply. As compared to an off-grid system, a grid-tie system also provides freedom from battery maintenance making essentially a one-time investment and a lifetime of advantage.


Mr. Sandeep then installed the following here –

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 30KW (120 solar panels of 250W each)
  2. Grid-tie Inverter – 30KVA


Units Generated Per Day

The grid-tie inverter generates about 150 units of solar power depending on weather conditions.

How Does Net Metering Work?

The concept of selling back solar energy to the electricity board is called ‘Net metering’. Let us understand this with an example.

In this case, the solar panels will generate approximately 4500 units of electricity per month. So let’s take, for example, that this Sabha uses 3000 units out of 1500 units from solar power to run the load and exports the rest of 1500 units to the electricity board. They also import 2000 units from the electricity board to run the load during night hours over the month.


So now the committee will pay only for 500 units. Since they have imported 1500 units back to the electricity grid supply. Another case is if the Sabha uses 2000 units of the solar power generated and exports 2500 to the electricity board. They also import 1000 units from the board to run the load during night hours, in this case, the Sabha will not have to pay anything instead the extra 1500 units that have been generated by the solar system will get added to the next bill cycle. In all cases installing a grid tie solar inverter will prove to be beneficial.

This is the net metering concept. Check out the Sanction letter of this project here!

The net metering and subsidy given by the government make solar power a very cost effective and affordable solution for one and all.

We wish the Gurjar Sudhaar Sabha all the best with his future with Su-Kam and solar power and hope that more people take inspiration from such live examples. Solar is not the future solar is our present.

Do you want to understand the net metering policy adopted by the Modi Government (Bijli Bachao)?

To understand how to install a grid-tie inverter, please watch this video:

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For further details, please contact

Mr. Sandeep (Authorized distributor from Sunshine Solar Pack) – 09896771666

Official address – Shop No. 6,

Gurjar Dharamshala,

Near Birla Mandir,

Pincode – 136118

Installation address –

Mr. Gyan Singh Advocate

Gurjar Sudhaar Sabha






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