This Family in Punjab has 3 Solar-powered Acs. A LOT of Savings in Their Electricity Bill. How?

Here is a story about how a family runs 3 AC’s in their home completely on solar power. Read more to find out how!



Mr. Balbir Singh lives with his family in Kapurthala, Punjab. Seeing their monthly electricity bill piling up on every month Balbir Singh and his family wanted an immediate relief from this problem. He stayed with his home on the ground floor and his shop ‘Khalsa Gift Centre’ on the floor above. Load running every day in his house and his shop was high and so was the electricity bill.


So Balbir and his family decided it was time for them to try to go solar like they were advised from family and friends. After a discussion with his family, Balbir decided to install a 3KW off grid system in his home. For all of my new readers an off grid system consists of an inverter, battery bank, solar panels, solar charge controller and mains supply. In this system batteries get charged through solar power.

Balbir singh was happy with the installation but the 3KW system was not enough to run the full load of the house and the shop. So he called up Mr. Kapil Dev Soni (Authorized distributer of Su-Kam from Punjab) to install a higher capacity system to run his entire load on solar.


Mr. Kapil has been working with Su-Kam’s solar products for many years now. With his expertise, and after understanding the load running requirements he advised for Balbir singh and his family to move from an off grid system to an on grid system. Following were the specifications-


  1. Su-Kam’s Grid tie Inverter– 5KW
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 250W/24V (20 in number)



This solar system will run the following appliances-

  1. 3 Air conditioners
  2. 6/7 Fans
  3. 15/20 Lights

It is expected to generate approximately 20 to 25 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions.

The installation was a success, and Mr. Balbir is extremely relieved seeing his full load running on solar. Mr. Kapil says ‘We have installed the system according to their load requirements. They will be able to run all of their appliances of their home and shop comfortable on solar. I advised them to move from an off grid system to an on grid system that will be much beneficial to their home’

We wish Mr. Balbir all the best and hope to serve him and his family in future. It was a pleasure to associate with him.

To understand how an on grid solar system works please watch this video-

For further details please contact-

Mr.Kapil Dev Soni)- 09781197811

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Mr. Balbir Singh-09855633832

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