This Family is All Set to Sell Electricity Back to the State with Grid-tie Solar

A residence in Karnal’s Wazirchand Colony was getting extremely high electricity bills. Every month the owner had to shell out upto Rs 10,000 towards electricity bill.

To put an end to this problem he decided to install a solar system on terrace. The project was handed to Su-Kam’s distributor Mr. Mohd. Inam proprietor of M.I Electronics.

Technical specs:

How does it work?

As the name implies in grid-tie systems the output of the solar grid inverter is synchronised with the distribution switch board of the building. If the solar energy produced is more than what the building loads consume, the surplus energy will automatically be exported to the grid. If there is less solar energy than what the loads of the building require, the shortfall will be drawn from the grid (energy import).

A bi-directional energy meter or import-export energy meter is fitted to the system. This meter can measure both energy import (from the grid to the consumer) and energy export (from the consumer to the grid).

Ideally a 1KW system generates 4-5 units of energy, so this particular system will generate 20-25 units per day.

This way he can not only run the load in his house but also export surplus units to the grid, and thus earn money.

Cost and saving

The entire set up cost approximately Rs. 4 lacs. The owner has also received a 30% subsidy from the government. The installer is positive that the owner will recover the amount within 2.5 – 3 years.

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