This Home In Yemen Goes Solar With Su-Kam

Yemen is an Arab country located in the Western Asia that has been facing a devastating civil war since 2015 that resulted in the loss of lives, property and basic infrastructure. Yemen and its citizens have been living in the dark since over a year now. There is no electricity available even in the most populated cities of the country. The war created a massive breakdown in the day to day functioning of the country.

Slowly people turned to solar to light up their homes. Today increasing number of people are taking inspiration from each other and installing solar systems in their homes. Su-Kam feels proud to help such a large number of citizens of Yemen country and to successfully establish a flourishing solar industry in Yemen.

Here is a story about a man who opted for solar to light up his new home.



Mr. Naser (Contact him on 00966530503328) recently bought a new home located in IBB city, Yemen. Mr. Naser works outside Yemen and bought this home for his family in Yemen. He wanted to install a solar system in his two floor newly constructed home and run his entire load on through solar power. And so he contacted Su-Kam’s authorized distributer in Yemen owned by Mr. Mohammed Abdo Mohammed Al-Fahad Business Company. They manage and supply Su-Kam’s solar products all over Yemen.

Mr. Zakria Al-Shawafi, a service engineer working with Mr. Al-Fahad installed this new solar system in Mr. Naser’s home. Mr. Zakria says ‘An increasing number of people are opting to go solar because of the lack of electricity in Yemen and also because it is free and reliable. Su-Kam has helped a number of people in Yemen to light up their homes with solar power and we haven’t had one complaint from any of our customers. Just new orders every day. Solar is the future here in Yemen’


The area where Naser stays receives little to no electricity. This home has a 4KW load that includes a water pump, water heater, TV and approximately 50 LED lamps. With no electricity this home would not be able to survive. Mr. Naser was advised by his close friends to install a solar system in his home so that he could comfortably run all of his load. With approximately 13 hours of day light in Yemen installing a solar system in this area is just perfect.


Here are the details of the system installed-


  1. Su-Kam’s Colossal Inverter– 5KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels (1200W)- 150W (8 in number)
  3. Su-Kam’s Tubular Batteries – 200AH/12V (4 in number)
  4. Su-Kam’s solar charge controller– 45Amps



This generating approximately 10 to 15 units of electricity every day.

The solar panels generate DC power that is sent to the solar charge controller which charges the batteries with this DC power. The power stored in these batteries gets converted from DC to AC by the colossal inverter. The inverter then runs all of the load through this AC power. Simple and elegant. Running full electrical load of the house that includes water pump (1500W), water heater, TV, tube lights, fans, washing machines etc. this solar system installation was a huge success.

We wish Mr. Naser and his family many congratulations for his new home and wish him best of luck for his future with solar.

To understand how to convert a normal inverter into a solar system watch this video:

For further details, please contact Su-Kam’s authorized distributor in Yemen)

Mr. Mohammed Al-Fahad- 0967774071742

Contact the customer on the following address-

Mr. Naser Sherian (00966530503328)

Wikan Village

IBB City


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