This house in Punjab Can Now Sell Electricity with Grid-tie Solar

With inflation touching the sky the last thing you would want is a high electricity bill. Hefty power bill is a cause of concern for most people which leaves your monthly household budget in complete disarray.

Solar is the best solution to this problem.



High electricity bill was a constant worry

Harjatinder Singh Bajwa of village Powat, in Machhiwara Ludhiana was getting high electricity bills. He was desperately looking for a way out. Thus, he contacted Su-Kam’s distributor Harwinder Singh Hambran owner of Solarium Energies who showed him the perfect way to save huge amount of money.

Electricity bills do not worry this family in Punjab anymore.

Technical specifications:


Relief from electricity bills with solar

Earlier Harjitender Singh’s household electricity consumption was around 500-600 units in two months. But now the solar system gives him an average of 8.5 units per day which means now his system generates around 510 units in two months. So now he is saving money worth 500 units and only paying for the excess units consumed.

How it works:

The output of the solar grid inverter is connected directly to the distribution board switch board of the building. The electrical energy flows to the loads of the buildings (lights, fans, appliances etc.). If the solar energy produced is more than what the building loads consume, the surplus energy will automatically be exported to the PSPCL distribution network (the grid). If there is less solar energy than what the loads of the building require, the shortfall will be drawn from the grid (energy import).

A bi-directional energy meter or import-export energy meter is fitted to the system. This meter can measure both energy import (from the grid to the consumer) and energy export (from the consumer to the grid).

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Extremely low electricity bill

Now, Harjitender Singh’s happiness knows no bounds because his electricity bill has gone down considerably. Even though he paid approximately Rs. 2 lakhs for the entire setup (out of which he got a subsidy of Rs 48,000) he is confident he will recover the amount in just 6 and a half years.

Want to start your solar journey?

If you also want relief from hefty electricity bills then get in touch with Harwinder Singh Hambran owner of Solarium Energies by dialing 09779790007.

Got questions about going solar? Visit Su-Kam’s new solar website to find answers and check out the entire range of solar products.



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