This Indian Company Solarised 35 Schools in Rwanda #MakeinIndia

Su-kam extends solar power to African country in support of Indian government

Rwanda, a country most of which has never seen light after dawn suddenly gets lit up with Sukam off grid solar system – you can imagine what it must have been like for the natives there! They just felt they were born again.

Mr Dinesh Verma, Manager Technical Support in Sukam who has been a strong pillar of the company for 11 years now, gives us an insight into the untold story of Rwanda and how Su-kam brought in a solar revolution into the country.

How Su-Kam solar Project helped Rwanda Village School Students?

With almost 500 students going to every school in the villages, it had become crucial for them to have electricity supply so that their studies don’t suffer.

The children had to rely on oil lamps and candles to read and write. Most schools had evening classes and also had hostels within the premises.
solar-control-room solar-power-school sukam-solar-pcu
When Su-kam learnt about the miserable condition of the villages of Rwanda, they decided to change the plight of the republic and bring it towards growth and development.

In 2012, Su-kam team reached Rwanda to set up stand-alone off grid system in the schools.

What is off grid solar system?

It is simply a stand-alone power system that is not connected to a grid.

The solar panel charges the battery which then gives power to the electronic appliances.

It is absolutely environment-friendly.

The project was supported by the Indian government who sponsored Rwanda on donation basis.

Off grid PV plants in 35 schools of Rwanda

Su-kam team had installed off grid PV plants in 35 schools with the following three solar systems in every school:

• 1.6 KW for computers
• 375 W for lights
• 40 W for smaller lights

rooftop-solar-panels-sukam-rwanda rwanda-solar school-rwanda-solar Solarized-35-schools-in-Rwanda solar-panels-rwanda
By September 2014, the solar project was finished and became a grand success as the children could study with all their sincerity in a hazard-less manner.

They could use computers, study in broad lights and move towards a brighter future.

The total cost of the project was somewhat around 2.5 crore rupees.

Difficulties Faced By Team Su-Kam in Rwanda

However in order to achieve something, there will be roadblocks. Su-kam team also faced many difficulties while setting up the solar project in Rwanda:
1. No proper roads: The team had a tough time to find their way into the interiors of Rwanda to reach the schools. There were no roads, no signboards and no one to ask around.
2. Communication problem: There was no mobile network and internet access.
3. Poor public transportation: In some areas, one bus would run once in the morning and once in the evening. However, in most areas there was no facility of public transportation. People had to walk miles and miles.
4Scarcity of water: People collect water through rain harvesting due to scarcity of water.
5. Major hygiene problem: The Su-kam team had to drive about 80-100 kms to find a hygienic place to stay. There are no proper sanitation facilities.
6. Security issues: There are chances of robbery in many remote areas.
In spite of all obstacles, perseverance and persistence pays off. The Su-kam team worked hard and made the ‘solar powered Rwanda’ dream come true despite all odds.

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