How to Make Rs. 24,000 Through Solar Power

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It is said that Lord Rama spent 14 years during his exile in Nashik. Sadly this holy land if plagued by power cuts. However a manufacturing plant based in Nashik decided to end the trouble of powercuts and high electricity costs by switching to solar.

Recently, a manufacturing industry near Nashik, Rectiphase Capacitors decided to switch to solar to fulfill its power backup needs. Rectiphase Capacitors was established with an objective of being a World Class Capacitor Company. Backed by years of experience and dedicated efforts, this medium scale industry, Rectiphase Capacitors has made a name for itself in the global market.

This industry has adequate infrastructure facilities and has competent manpower. However, the power usage of this industry were too high adding to the costs. They were paying Rs. 20,000 in electricity bill as the one unit of electricity costs approx Rs. 10.  This was the only factor that was hampering their growth.

It was then that Su-kam’s dealer, Amol Kulkarni went on the site and noticed the high amount of power consumption. He suggested them to go solar and enjoy the benefits that this clean energy has to offer.

Solar Installation in Nashik

Technical specification of Solar System that Runs the Plant

  • 2KVA Solar PCU
  • 8 Solar Panels of 250 Watts each
  • 4 Tubular Batteries of 180AH each have been used to store the solar energy

The industry at present, uses up to 10000 units per month. This consumption becomes a major crunch for the industry and thus their decision to install solar for power backup emerges as the correct choice.

Benefits of Solar Installation?

 The installation will save at least 25,000 in electricity bills in a year as it may generate 7-12 units of electricity per day depending on the weather . This will considerably drop down the mammoth electricity bills that were so far paid by the industry. Also, the huge power needs will now be fulfilled without any glitches. The cost of the entire system will be recovered in just few years!

The company owners are satisfied with the performance of the Solar PCU as it is maintenance free. They have already started seeing the results and are happy with the savings and the efficiency of Sukam’s solar PCU.

Sharing his own experience with Su-kam, Amol Kulkarni says, “I have been working as Sukam’s dealer from Nashik for the past 13 years. As the company is progressing rapidly, I am progressing along. I am happy to see solar industry progressing each day.”

Why industries should go solar?11887747_945999725438919_6701414645357663257_o

Since most of the industries are operational during the day time, it comes across as the best solution to utilize the energy generated by the sun.

From the prior observation, it is noted that many industries and offices are gaining huge benefit in terms of reducing their electricity bills.

Go Solar with Su-kam

Su-kam has been a pioneer in provided the best and customised solar solutions. The company has reached the remotest locations to benefit maximum people with the help of renewable, eco-friendly, clean and green solar energy.

If you’re in Nashik and wish to install solar, you can reach Amol Kulkarni at 09822285213. Or give us a call on 1800-102-7555.

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