This Inverter Has Been Running Non-stop for The Past 10 Years!

Here is an interesting story about a loyal Su-kam employee, who installed a Su-kam inverter in his home in 2006 and he reported back to us with a positive feedback. An inspiring story for the whole Su-Kam team.

This Man’s Journey with Su-Kam

Mr. Virender Kataria lives in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. He stays with his parents, elder brother his wife and kids in a 3-floor home. The top floor is a 3BHK flat where Virender and his brother Yogender had installed Su-Kam’s Cosmic 850VA inverter in 2006. Virender joined Su-kam in 2010 and for 6 years he has been a loyal, hardworking employee.

A few days back, an elated Virender informed us about the working of his Su-kam inverter with utter satisfaction and happiness.

Virender says, ‘My family and I haven’t encountered any problem in these 10 years and have fully satisfied with its durability and functionality. We are pleased with its working. It manages to power all our home load that includes on television, two lights and three fans in times of power cuts.’


He continues, ‘My brother was the one to choose a Su-Kam inverter to be installed in our home since he had utmost trust and belief in the brand. We do not plan to replace it yet since it is in perfect working condition till date.’

The following are the specifications of the inverter installed:

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s Cosmic inverter 850VA/12V
  2. Tubular Battery – 135AH


About Cosmic Inverter:

The cosmic inverter is a sturdy digital UPS custom made by Su-Kam’s R&D team. Here are its main features –

  • SMD (Surface Mount Device) Technology: The PCB card based SMD technology reduces the size of the Cosmic Digital UPS. This not only reduces human error while manufacturing, it also makes it far more efficient than any other conventional system.
  • Instant switchover: It has instant switchover for consistent supply of power. It also comes with safer voltage stabilization that protects your sensitive equipment.
  • Fire resistant and shock proof body: The Cosmic Digital UPS comes sheathed in a high-grade polycarbonate body that can withstand temperatures as high as 200-250 degree Celsius. This high-grade polycarbonate body also ensures 100% protection from any electric shocks.
  • Multi-information Graphic Display Panel: This really helpful feature displays the real time status of the system.
  • Convenient Trolley: For ease of use and safety, the Cosmic Digital UPS comes with the Cosmic Trolley, which is a screw-less mobile trolley.
  • Enhanced protection: It automatically shuts down in case of short circuit, high temperature, battery overload or a situation of low battery. It’s built in audio and visual warning signals buzz in the event of overload, fuse blowing etc.
  • Power Active Switch: Enables you to power up the load through the mains in case of low voltage.

We wish to make more such happy customers in the near future. We wish Virender and his family all the best with Su-Kam and solar.


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For further details, please feel free to contact-

Mr. Virender Kataria- 09971497553

C/169E Jeevan Park

Uttam Nagar

New Delhi 110059



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