This NGO in Delhi Installed Grid-Tie Solar to Take its Electricity Bill Down to ZERO!

Here is a story of how this NGO installed Su-Kam’s grid tied inverter and they will now save INR 25000 per year along with zero consumption from grid. Read more to find out the details:

How did solar power benefit this NGO?

This story is about a Delhi based NGO ‘Jan Madhyam’ that recently decided to go solar with Su-Kam. The area where this NGO is located does not experience power cuts. They had electricity available at all times. But it is important to understand that the utilization of solar power is not restricted to areas only with frequent power cuts. This NGO was spending a lump sum on electricity bills every month. And they decided it was time for them to switch to solar power to reduce their bills and contribute to a cleaner earth.


There are two types of solar systems – Off grid solar system (With battery backup) and On Grid solar system (Without battery backup). In areas where there is a problem of power cuts, an off grid system would serve the best purpose. But for all other areas, an on grid system is suitable.

How is a grid tied inverter better than a regular inverter?

Grid tied inverters are amazingly designed machines that basically enable you to feed back the excess solar energy generated to the grid and earn money. Excess solar energy means the energy that you don’t use to run your load.

Grid tied inverters are always connected to the grid. One cannot install grid tied inverters in areas that do not receive any mains supply. As compared to an off grid system, a grid tied system also provides freedom from battery maintenance making essentially a one-time investment and a lifetime of advantage. For this NGO, the grid tied system was perfect.


To carry out this installation, the NGO contacted our authorized distributor in Delhi, Mr. Lakshey Sehgal from Spektron Solar. Lakshey and his team train budding entrepreneurs on solar technology and carry out rooftop solar projects. They have carried out a number of solar installations across Delhi and after a detailed site inspection, Lakshey installed the following in for the NGO:

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 2KW
  2. Su-Kam’s Grid-tie Inverter – 2KW
  3. Average production of the month – 240 units


Mr. Lakshey says, ‘This grid tied system is perfect to run all the load of the NGO on solar. It will benefit the NGO by helping them save INR 25000 per year. With the return of investment in just 5 years it was the best solution for them monetarily. The panel installation is of the highest quality, extremely robust for all weather conditions. We did the solar panel installation in one day and the grid tie is working in perfect condition as well. We are glad to have been of assistance to this NGO.’

What is special in this solar panel installation?

For all the crazy engineers out there, here is the correct way to install solar panels:

  1. For every 1 KW solar installation, the structure weights 100 kg as compared to market standard of 50-70 kg. Thus, making it capable of stand tall even in extreme high winds.
  2. This installation has been done following industrial standard of H shape solar panel structure as compared to L shaped angle by local installers.
  3. HOT dip galvanized structures have been used here for life of 40 years.
  4. One mono block structure was used to minimize the use of roof space.


We wish NGO ‘Jan Madhyam’ all the best with their future with Su-Kam and solar power and hope that more people take inspiration from such live examples. Let us take one step towards a greener planet just as they did.

To understand the net metering policy adopted by the Modi Government (Bijli Bacchao), please visit the website.

To understand how to install a grid tie inverter please watch this video:

For further details, please contact Su-Kam’s channel partner

Mr. Lakshey Sehgal (Spektron Solar) – 07838484997

Address – E-43/1, Okhla Phase II,

Okhla Industrial Area,

New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Customer contact details:

NGO Jan Madhyam

Address – 147, Aya Nagar, Phase 5

New Delhi – 110047



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