This Parking Lot in Mumbai runs entirely on Free Solar Power

In India, streets lights are usually powered with grid supply and this creates a major problem in areas where there are frequent power cuts. India is soon turning to off grid solar powered street lights that are long lasting, low maintenance and give much better lighting.

Solar powered street lights are perfect since they are not dependent on grid supply. These street lights are changing the face of India energy sector by bringing in a more efficient and most importantly cost effective solution.

Read more to find out how this parking lot in Mumbai installed solar powered street light that runs entirely on free solar power and is now saving the big bucks.

The Wada site in Mumbai corporate premises previously had conventional street lights in their area that cost them a lot over the months. They weren’t able to function properly because of the disturbed power supply in that area. Also there was a major area where there were no street lights at all and after their experience with the conventional street light they decided to go solar!

So they called up Su-Kam’s solar dealer, Mr. Jayesh. He advised them to put up 20 street lights to properly light up their entire area!

Technical specifications:

  1. 10 Su-Kam Sunway Plus 40Watt each with pole- 6meters
  2. 10 Su-Kam Sunway Plus without pole 40Watt each- 5meters

During the day the batteries get charged through solar energy and during the night these charged batteries light up the street light. The wada site had previously installed 10 conventional street lights at a height of 6 meters and as advised by Mr. Jayesh they decided to install 10 solar powered lights on the same pole at a height of 5 meters so that the existing lights could be used as a backup.

Solar Street Lights Installation in the New Parking Lot

10 new Su-Kam solar street lights Sunway Plus were installed in the new parking lot of the Wada site in Mumbai. Su-Kam’s sunway plus street are solar powered street lights with in-built lithium ion batteries. They are half the weight of the regular batteries since they are non-aqueous, they also get charged quickly in a small time frame of 5 hours and give 13 hours of uninterrupted power supply!

The initial investment was around 4Lakh rupees including the pole charges and they will get recover the entire amount in 3 years! After that the street lights will run on free solar power with zero maintenance and much better lighting!

Mr. Jayesh can be contacted for all solar installations in and around Mumbai: 9324692404

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