This petrol pump in Uttar Pradesh saves Rs. 25,000 per month!

solar petrol pump

Now-a-days, when even temples are resorting to solar along with homes and businesses, petrol pumps can’t stay far behind. Taking inspiration from the recent solar installation at a Hanuman Temple in Uttar Pradesh, this petrol pump too decided to go solar.

solar petrol pump

Solarized Petrol Pump in UP:

Kiran Petroleum located at Unno Road Highway, Bangarmau, District Unno in Uttar Pradesh is owned by Mr Vasudev Gupta. There was only one generator there to support the entire electric supply.

solar petrol pump

But so far, there was no electricity connection. Fuel cost for generator was Rs. 1,200 per day. Then, finally he reached Mr Ranjan Singh, who is a distributer with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited for almost 5 years now. Mr Ranjan gave him an apt solution which will not only fulfil his need but also take care of his savings.

solar petrol pump

Technical Specifications:

solar petrol pump

Massive Solar Savings at the Petrol Pump:

This entire installation was done in Rs. 4,75,000 and works absolutely fine. The diesel cost which was approximately Rs. 25,000 per month is now being saved. In addition to this the savings from the system will ensure that the entire cost of installation is recovered within 4-5 years.

solar petrol pump

The system is now generating enough power to run his petrol tank without any electricity connection. The owner is overwhelmed with his decision of going solar and enjoying the benefits.

solar petrol pump

Go solar and see the difference:

Dial 09415149339 to reach Ranjan Singh or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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