This School in Johannesburg, South Africa Runs on ‘Made in India’ Solar System

News like this make the Indian patriot in us smile. It is a matter of great national pride when a 100% ‘Made in India’ product gets popular in foreign countries. Su-Kam, India’s most popular solar power company, is now solarizing South Africa with its channel partner Value4LifeEnergy. Let’s look at one of such the solar installation at Johannesburg.School in South Africa

School in Johannesburg is now solar:

School in South AfricaThe sun in South Africa shines brightly throughout the year, which is precisely the reason why solar energy is the best and essential alternative for the electricity needs here. It is free and it is in abundance!

This year the Blue Bird Nursery School in Rosebank, Johannesburg in South Africa turned to the sun. It was done with the purpose of providing a greener and more trustworthy source of power.

The installation was done by Henry Vermeulen, the owner and managing director of Value4LifeEnergy with the help of Su-Kam. A Su-Kam solar power panel of 4kw along with 8 batteries of 100ah each were installed. The entire set up runs off grid, which means that it is not connected to the state electricity supply, and produces 20kwh per day. In addition to this, a 6kva Su-Kam Solar PCU or Power Conditioning Unit was also installed.

Cost and Return on Investment

The cost of the entire set up came around 1, 70, 000 Rand which is around 7, 90, 000 INR. But in the words of Mr. Henry Vermeulen, “It is a great return on investment, because it has eliminated electricity bills, which means that the school can end up saving a lot of money. It is estimated that in the next 20 years the school would have saved around 80, 000 Rand”. Let us tell you that 8,00, 000 Rand is equal to 37, 15, 458.75 INR which is a huge saving.

More than the monetary aspect, it was the “desire to switch to an uninterrupted and reliable source of energy, which is also cleaner and greener, that prompted the school to go solar”, remarks Mr. Vermeulen.

School in South Africa

Su-Kam’s success story in South Africa:

Henry says, “I met team Su-Kam at South Africa’s most prestigious solar expo in Johannesburg this year. I was amazed to see how technologically advanced their products are. There are very few companies in the world that make solar inverters with capacity of as high as 100kva. I never expected an Indian company to have so many innovative products. I am now a proud distributor of Su-Kam in South Africa. It is a real pleasure to sell their products in my country”.

School in South Africa

Thank you for your kind words, Henry. We are very happy to have you associated with team Su-Kam. Our products are now reaching more than 70 countries worldwide and are winning awards in many countries. We have successfully added more than 40,000 channel partners to Su-Kam family.

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