This Solar System in a Hospital in Hardoi Runs 15 Tubelights, Fans and Medical Equipment

Here is a story about how nursing home spent INR 60,000 on diesel generator per month and is now in process of solarizing the entire hospital. They want to thank Su-Kam for helping them see the real benefit of solar.

Life Before Solar Power

This story is about Dr. S.K. Singh, who owns Rani Katiyari hospital in Hardoi city in Uttar Pradesh. Hardoi lacks proper power lines and due to this people have resorted to using diesel generators. Right now, the price of diesel in Hardoi is INR 54.4 per liter. But the hospital had no choice. They required 24/7 power supply and also required that the switch over time from mains to battery backup should be almost zero. This was because other than the usual light load, the hospital had to run sensitive medical equipment.


Hardoi is a city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is occupied with a population of 112,486 people who are struggling with the issue of lack of proper electricity lines in that area. Hardoi district approximately receives 12 hours of day light every day. The sun rises at 6:03AM and is expected to set at 18:00 hours during this October season.

Installing a solar system in this area in all kinds of seasons would be highly beneficial and so Mr. Ranjan Singh (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor) advised Dr. S.K Singh to install a solar powered system and solarize his hospital. After visiting the hospital and after a detailed site inspection, Ranjan and his team decided to install the following solar system:


Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar PCU – 6.25KVA
  2. Solar Panels – (250W/24V – 16 Panels)
  3. Battery bank – 150AH (8 in number)


Units Generated and Load Running

The 4KW solar panels generate approximately 20 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the following load that includes 15 Fans, 15 tubelights and the medical equipment in one full operation theater. The hospital will be going ahead with solarizing their complete hospital in the coming days.


Mr. Ranjan says, ‘After seeing their monthly expenditure of INR 60,000 on diesel expenses, I advised Dr. S.K. Singh to solarize his entire hospital. Our aim is to reduce the electricity expenditure to zero. They had an inverter back up system already installed. After installing the solar PCU, I will now be converting their existing inverter back up system to a solar system that will run the entire hospital. The solar PCU is perfect to run their load. Electricity will be available to them 24/7.

We are glad that we could solarize yet another hospital. Dr. SK Singh and his team are very pleased with the working of their solar system. We wish him all the best for their future with solar and Su-Kam.

To understand how a solar PCU works please watch this video:

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For further details, please feel free to contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner in Hardoi

Ranjan Singh – 09415149339

Contact the customer on the following-

Dr. S.K. Singh

Rani Katiyari Hospital

Hardoi, Lucknow road

Uttar Pradesh



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