See! This solar workshop has 100% savings and 0% maintenance!

With an estimated population of 62.7 million, Gujarat state continues to grow in terms of awareness. The state has a rich cultural history too and is now being a trendsetter yet again.

Solar Workshop

PM Modi’s Gujarat is fast progressing as one of the solar states in India. Recently, the state has seen a great number of solar installations to save both environment and money.

Shreeji Power Systems, a channel partner with Su-Kam is doing an excellent job by making people aware about the huge benefits of solar. Now, they have installed a DC system at Olpad city in Surat, Gujarat.

Solar Workshop

Solar at Olpad city, Surat

Located in North West of Surat, Olpad is a small Indian city having about 50,000 residents.

A workshop – Jay Ambey Auto Electrical – in Olpad owned by Mr. Vijay Bhai Prajapati & Mr. Yogesh Bhai Prajapati went solar in order to reduce the huge electricity bills. The two owners then opted for Su-Kam DC system that is now installed at the workshop and the results are already evident.

Su-Kam’s DC System is the most energy efficient product created by Su-Kam. It comes with a solar panel, charge controller, battery and fans and lights that can run on DC. Unlike ordinary solar power systems, there is no conversion of DC from solar into AC because the load can run directly on DC.

Solar Workshop

In addition, Mr. Vijay Bhai Prajapati expressed his desire to get a 3KW Solar System installed at his home too.

Technical Specification:

This entire set up although is capable of taking the power load of every appliance at the workshop, yet presently it is used to power one Su-Kam DC fan (12V/25W), two DC LED Tube lights (12V/15W) and three DC LED bulbs (12V/7W).

Solar Workshop

The Solar workshop

The owners of the workshop are happy with the installation and looking forward to getting it installed at their home too. The initial cost of installation which was Rs. 40,000 can be easily recovered in 2-3 years and every penny spent will now ensure a sustainable energy generation.

Since it is being used to run only DC equipment load, there is no electricity usage, just 100% savings. Isn’t it great? And there’s more – it requires 0% maintenance!

Solar Workshop

Go Solar and see the difference!

The environmental benefits of solar energy cannot be ruled out. Plus, what makes it great is the fact that it is a renewable source of energy. Su-Kam makes use of this solar energy to generate electricity that is affordable, clean and green!

Solar Workshop

Want to go solar? Dial 9824198846 to reach Mr Bhavnish Rathore or launch a query at 1800-102-7555.

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