This Village in Haryana Gets Only 2 Hours of Electricity from Grid Daily. Solar is Becoming a Life Saver Here!

Only 1 or 2 hours of powercuts are enough to annoy us. But what happens when not the powercuts, but the electricity from grid lasts only 1 or 2 hours? Yes, sadly, there are many places in India that suffer from acute problem of lack of electricity from the grid. Today we bring to you a story from one such place in Haryana where solar is soon becoming the main mode of electricity.

Solar Powered Petrol Pump in Haryana

Mr. Anil, owns a petrol pump in Rewari District, Haryana. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. Everyday electricity here is available only for about 1 or 2 hours.

Anil bought this petrol pump recently and was a well-informed customer who wanted to run his petrol pump on free solar power. But Anil wanted to find out some more information about solar power. So he went on YouTube to look for some educational videos on solar power. Anil then stumbled upon Su-Kam’s YouTube channel where he found interesting simple to understand YouTube videos.

Anil then decided he must install a powerful solar system and approached Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Vipin Yadav located in Haryana.

Rewari district approximately receives 11 hours 50 mins of daylight every day in this month of March, therefore installing a solar system in this area was a perfect solution.

Vipin has been dealing with solar system installations for a while now and after careful inspection of the filling station, he and his team of qualified engineers gave the following suggestions:

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s Colossal Inverter – 7.5KVA/120V
  2. Solar Charge Controller – 120V/60amps
  3. Su-Kam’s Solar panels – 5KW
  4. Su-Kam’s batteries – 10 (150AH)


Units Generated and Load Running

The 5KW solar panel generates approximately 25 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the entire load of the petrol pump that essentially includes 6 fuel dispensers, 8 LED lights, and about 5 fans. Mr. Anil is extremely happy seeing his petrol pump turn into a solar powered station.

After the installation, we spoke to Vipin and he says, ‘We have installed a 7.5KVA inverter with solar panels and charge controller that will ensure proper battery charging and is designed to run the full load of the petrol pump. Mr. Vipin is a well-informed customer. For his new petrol pump, he wanted to go for a solar system that will run his full load. They will recover their investment soon and after that, they will run their entire load on free solar power! Mr. Anil is so happy with the installation that he asked me to install a solar system in another filling station owned by him. We completed the installation of the second petrol pump 2 days after this installation.’


It is a pleasure to see people really believing in solar power. We are glad to see another happy solar customer in India. Going solar has never been easier.

To know how an off-grid solar system works, please watch this interesting video:

After much consideration and demand for online UPS in the market, Su-Kam has recently launched an all exclusive solar online UPS. Watch this video to understand how it works:

If you want to learn how to convert an ordinary inverter into a solar inverter click here and watch an educational video:

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For further details, please feel free to contact –

Mr. Vipin Yadav (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor – Green energy solar system) – 09718788677

Contact the customer on the following –

Mr. Anil Yadav

Essar filling station

Maheshwary Village

Near Dharuhera,

Rewari, Haryana



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