Tips For Choosing The Best Inverter



  1. Choose a sine wave inverter over a square wave inverter as it reduces heating, increases the longevity of the appliance in addition to reducing the humming sound occurring in tubelights and fans which is a common recurring problem of square wave inverters. The supplied electricity quality of sine wave inverter is also better than the grid. 

  1. Prefer an inverter with a battery selection slider switch which gives the customer the benefit of choosing any battery type compatible with the inverter and as per their needs be it LA , Tubular etc. 

  1. Once you have determined the load your inverter has to support in your home or office, choose an inverter with the specified capacity accordingly. 

  1. Choose an inverter where the idle power consumption is low. 

  1. Choose an energy efficient inverter with low electricity consumption from the grid. 

  1. Ensure that the battery you choose for your inverter is branded and preferably comes from the same manufacturer as that of the inverter. 

  1. If you are looking at installing solar inverters in the future, you can also opt for Solar compatible inverters. Su-Kam has solar compatible inverters which offer uninterrupted power back up by utilizing solar energy thereby reducing dependence on the electricity grid for charging. In addition to utilizing renewable energy, it is also easy to maintain. 



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