Unbelievable! Shop in Gujarat Runs on Only 100 Watts Solar Panel

The colorful city of Gujarat is on its way to fulfil Modiji’s vision of ‘Solar Bharat’. Many houses in Gujarat are now running on solar off-grid systems . However, this shop in Bharuch district of Gujarat is not only 100% solar-powered but also runs on pure DC. There is no inverter installed to convert DC (for solar panel) into AC because the fans and lights in this shop can run on DC! The shop is getting 24×7 power only through one 100-watt solar panel. Let’s find out how:

What is Solar DC System and how it Works?

Solar DC system is the world’s smallest, cheapest and efficient off-grid system. It contains solar panels, small battery charge controller, DC lights, DC fans and a DC mobile charging port. The solar panel generates DC electricity which then goes through the charge controller to charge the battery. When the battery is fully charged, it powers connected fans and lights. Su-Kam’s solar DC system can also charge the batteries through grid if needed. In fact Su-Kam is also planning to give a DC Television with the system.

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Why this Shop in Gujarat Decided to Run on DC Solar?

The shop is located in an area which faces power-cuts. The electrical load of the shop is also fairly less – just lights and fan. Installing an inverter here would have been quite expensive so the owner installed Su-Kam’s DC solar system. He now happily runs 8 DC LED lights and 1 DC fan. The fan runs non-stop for 13 hours. He has completely disabled the grid charging and everything is powered by DC system which is connected to only one 100-watt panel and 65ah battery. There is NO wastage of energy as there is no need to DC to AC conversion. He is able to make all the electricity he needs through solar so his electricity bill is almost ZERO!

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He only had to spend Rs. 4000 extra (as compared to buying conventional power inverter with big battery) on the Solar DC System but he will recover the entire cost in just 3 years.

Is Solar DC System the Future of Solar in India?

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Yes, Su-Kam’s founder, MD and Solar Man of India, Kunwer Sachdeva thinks so. He recently wrote an article for ET where he argued that many households in India have very simple power needs. They need no more than fans, lights, TV and mobile charging ports – DC system is just perfect solar solution for these areas. It is the most energy-efficient system as well because of lack of DC to AC conversion. He is, indeed, right. Many houses and shops in rural India are now running on solar DC system:

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