Unbelievable! This Indian inverter has been working non-stop for 15 years

In 2000, Su-kam made the first MOSFET based inverter in India, with1250 VA power. It was a technological improvement over the conventional transistor based inverters, which, according to Mr. Sanjeev Saini, the Technical Director for Su-kam are ‘heavy, outdated and manually controlled’. MOSFET based inverters on the other hand are ‘more portable, easy to maintain and user-friendly’.

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It is interesting to note that this particular inverter, made in 2000 by Su-kam, worked efficiently for 15 long years and was replaced recently.

Yogesh Sharma who installed the inverter in 2000 says, “This inverter is just two years younger than my journey with Su-Kam. I had started working with Su-Kam as its channel partner in 1998 when it had just started. I have installed hundreds of power backup solutions and my customers are very happy with Su-Kam’s products. I am happy too – I feel like a part of Su-Kam family which has given me a lot of love and support.”

994670_10200317743265310_956397657_nCongratulations on your 17th Anniversary with Su-Kam, Yogesh.

From MOSFET to 4th Generation Microprocessor

Su-Kam revolutionized the inverter market by replacing transistor-aged inverters with MOSFET-based inverters. We did this because we wanted to give our customers the best.

MOSFETS are positive temperature coefficient devices that means the flow of current is proportionate to their heating capacity and they come with a restrictive mechanism that prevents the inverter from getting over-heated and damaged. Transistors are devoid of this mechanism; hence their chances of getting damaged due to fluctuating current increase significantly.

Su-kam further did more technological improvements with this inverter and made Fusion Series Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS, the world’s most advanced commercial UPS, based on DSP based PWM technology that is one of the most powerful technologies especially meant for high-speed processing applications.

In 2015, Su-Kam has made India’s first inverter which is powered by latest 4th generation microprocessor. It can sense outside temperature and automatically regulate the charging current and voltage of batteries. This revolutionary inverter is called Falcon plus.


Innovation is in Su-Kam’s DNA and we will continue making awesome products for you.

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