University Ties-up with Su-Kam to Teach Courses on Solar Energy

Manav Rachna University in Faridabad tied up with Su-Kam and proved its valuable contribution to the alternate sources of energy sector by recently launching a center for free solar power which will provide training to students and teachers as well as carry out important R&D activity in the field of solar energy.

Key Problem Areas

This center was established to focus on some key problem areas. In India, we have to agree that there is ample amount of talent and also passion for the energy industry but this knowledge is mostly theoretical. What the industry requires is hands-on practical experience assisted with knowledge of the latest developments in the industry. Keeping this in mind the center will focus on providing guidance and support to the budding minds of the university and also give them a chance to work on practical projects.


The Day of Inauguration

This center was inaugurated on 13th April 2016 in the Manav Rachna campus which saw the presence of notable personality figures like Mr. Kunwer Sachdev (Managing director- Su-Kam Power Systems) Satya Bhalla (Chief Patron, MREI), Prashant Bhalla (President, MREI), Amit Bhalla (VP MREI).

It was exciting to see such a step taken by an educational institute that will ensure the awareness of solar powered technology to students as well as the faculty and we, at Su-Kam are proud to have been an important part of this noble contribution.


All About the Center

With Su-Kam being one of the pioneers in solar industry, the idea to set up this center was basically to share our experience and provide in depth understanding of the latest developments and applications in the field of solar powered technology and energy generation.

This solar powered center has been provided with eight solar panels of 80Watt each that will run appliances like DC fans, DC bulbs along with LED lights, brush-less fans that will light up the center.


We believe that an educational institute is the perfect place for carrying out such activities that will help budding minds of India to get educated and explore the much needed sector of alternate sources of energy. Keeping this in mind the center has been provided with equipment’s of the highest quality and will see activities related to instrumentation, control and optimization of various energy systems.


Contribution of the Center to the Industry

Mr. Praveen Kumar Jain, AVP Su-Kam Power System was one of the key mentors who really helped to get this center up and running.


He says ‘This center will focus on Governmental projects like Make In India, Digital India, Start Up India, Skill India that will help students as well as faculty members to progress in the energy sector giving advancement to India’s technology and primarily focusing on skill enhancement and exposure.”

The key output that the center will focus on when students graduate from the university, is to give an edge to Manav Rachna students for having hands on practical as well as updated knowledge of the developments and future scopes of the energy sector. With their involvement in R&D activities we hope to turn them from ‘job seekers’ to ‘job creators’. With their developed minds focused on technological advancement this center will prove to be very beneficial to the industry.


Overall it was a great initiative taken from the Manav Rachna University and with the inauguration of this center we hope to have taken one step forward towards making solar power the next major source of energy.



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