Uttrakhand witnesses North India’s first solar live demo!


Su-Kam Power System Limited, a name you can trust upon when it comes to power solutions continues to come up with more and more innovations, aiming to change the power situation in India. Adding yet another feather to Su-Kam’s cap, recently Uttrakhand witnessed a live solar demo.


North India’s First Solar Live Demo

S&S Energy Systems, Dehradun (Uttrakhand’s Leading Power Backup Solution Company) in association with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, on 3rd November 2015 organised a Solar Live Demo Zone which was entirely run on solar. This demo zone was unique as everything including the lighting was powered by solar. This was therefore indeed an innovative idea that was put together at Uttrakhand to showcase the wide range of solar products that Su-Kam offers to its customers. The products included DC system, PCU, on-grid and off-grid solar power system, and many more.


Live Solar Demo Attendees:

This one of its kind solar demo in North India was attended by Local MLA and Ex-Speaker of Uttrakhand Committee Mr. Harbansh Kapoor and Counselor Mrs. Ambika Singh. People from NIC (National Information Centre) Vinod Taneja and Rammohan Sangal also graced the event by their presence. From Su-Kam too many representatives attended this live demo along with 30-40 local dealers. Mr. Kartik Sachdeva from Su-Kam Power Systems Limited gave an informative presentation on the benefits of solar and Su-Kam’s future solar endeavors. He also talked about how solar can actually brighten up India’s future.


Su-Kam’s upcoming solar products:

At the live demo zone, Su-Kam’s plan of coming up with a touchscreen PCU and wi-fi equipped PCU were also revealed. Su-Kam’s R&D team has already been working on the touchscreen PCU for a long time now. This product is almost ready and would be launched soon by the company. The attendees seemed rather keen to experience the products that were displayed at the demo zone and also awaiting the launch of Solar touchscreen PCU.


Want to go solar the easy way? Dial 09897085222 to reach Mr. Nishant Singhal or 18001027555 for all your solar-related worries.


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