Ved Prakash Jha talks of his experience of 17 years at Su-Kam


As Mr. Jha starts talking of his years spent at Su-Kam, he recalls his earlier days at the company when it was growing and the office was in Nangal Raya. He says that he enjoyed his work from the start as they always got a lot of affection and respect from the seniors and especially Mr. Kunwer Sachdev himself.

Ved mentioned one specific incident where a fire cracker burst in the palm of his hand and he suffered from severe burns. At that point of time Mr. Sachdev took care of all his medical bills personally and also sent an assistant with him during his treatment at AIIMS, as he was living all alone then and his family was in Bihar.

He said he stuck around when the company was going through the bad patch and his loyalty has been aptly rewarded by the seniors. He works with Mr. Negi who is still his supervisor and has taught him a lot over the years.



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