Very Smart! This Solar Training Institute in Mumbai Will Sell Solar Power to the Govt Through Grid-Tie Inverter

Here is a story of Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Zandga Jayesh who inspired his friend Mr. Deepak Bhat to install a grid-tie inverter in his new solar training institute.

The institute’s sole mission is to train and spread knowledge on solar power. Experts of solar energy from across India will be hired as trainers here. Mr. Jayesh, Su-Kam’s authorized distributor is one of the master trainers there who will provide in depth knowledge about solar to engineers.

Being a solar institute they installed a grid-tie solar powered system to set an example for everyone and also provide practical training. Here are the details:

Why a grid-tie system?

A Solar training institute called ‘Fun First Global Skill Development Pvt Ltd’ owned by Mr. Deepak Bhat wanted to install a solar powered system to set an example for everyone and also to get a hands on practical experience with solar power.

They wanted to install a high quality product for maximum benefits and also to study its features and understand its advantages. While researching they stumbled upon Su-Kam official solar website ( and from there found out a nearby Su-Kam distributor Zangda Jayesh contact details.


Deepak (Owner of the institute) had a long discussion with him and they soon became fast friends. Deepak was so impressed with Jayesh’s solar knowledge that he offered him to be the master trainer of their institute. In between all this Jayesh advised Deepak to install a grid-tie system in his institute.

The area in which this institute is located in Mumbai does not experience power cuts. Power is available at almost all times. So it is advisable to install a grid-tie system here.

Grid-tie inverter would not only reduce his monthly electricity bill by running his load on solar but would also help him earn money by selling the excess solar power produced by solar panels back to the grid. Pleased and satisfied with what Jayesh advised Deepak got a grid-tie inverter installed in his institute.

What is the best place to install a grid-tie and how is it beneficial?

Grid-tie inverters are amazingly designed machines that basically enable you to feed back the excess solar energy generated to the grid and earn money. Excess solar energy means the energy you don’t use to run your load.

There are two types of powers. Active power and reactive power. So when you utilize the power generated to run the load it’s called reactive power. When the power is generated and is not utilized to run any kind of load it’s called active power. In a grid-tie inverter there is a provision to utilize this active power.

Grid-tie inverters are always connected to the grid. One cannot install grid-tie inverters in areas that do not receive any mains supply. As compared to an off-grid system, a grid-tie system also provides freedom from battery maintenance making essentially a one-time investment and a lifetime of advantage.

After a detailed site inspection and understanding their requirements Mr. Jayesh came up with the following specifications-

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 1KW
  2. Su-Kam’s Grid-tie Inverter – 1.5KW
  3. Average production of the day – 6 units


Mr. Jayesh says, ‘I have advised my friend to run his institute’s load on grid-tie instead of a normal solar system. Since Mumbai does not have power cuts a grid-tie system is perfect to install there. The grid-tie will generate solar power and feed it back to the gird. This way they can earn money through reduced electricity bills and also run their load on solar.’

We wish Mr. Deepak and his institute all the best and hope that more people take inspiration and make wise and informed decisions.

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For further details, please contact

Zangda Jayesh (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor – Cymoline Sales Cooperation)- 09324692404

Contact the customer on the following details-

Mr. Deepak Bhat – 09769105008

Address- Kailash Complex, Vikhoroli




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