Go Solar in Rs. 30,000 to Enjoy Free Electricity for 20 Years

dc systemYes, you don’t have to spend lacs to install solar in your house or shop. With Su-Kam’s DC 120 Solar Lighting System you can get free electricity for 20 years by spending only a few thousands. It is perfect for areas that face frequent power cuts as it gives them 24 x7 free electricity.

solar dc systemWhat is Solar DC System?

The solar DC system consists of a single solar panel or a module mounted on the roof and is connected to the battery via a voltage regulator to a battery for charging during day time and running the devices attached to it during the night. Having a DC wiring, the system can power CFL / LED bulbs, fan and electrical socket.

Su-Kam has engineered the innovative way in which the energy generated in DC can run the DC appliance i.e. solar fans and light, an electric socket and even a TV with an energy loss minimized by 20 to 30 per cent, which happens when converting Direct Current to Alternating Current to run appliances.

It has a USB charging port for charging mobile phones – which have become a necessity in current India.

There is also an option to charge from the grid (whenever it is available) if the batteries get discharged during the night or when it is too cloudy for solar panels to generate power.

This small and affordable device is enough to take care of all small and essential power needs. It has a long life of more than 20 years so you can enjoy free and green solar energy for a long time by just making a one-time investment.

Why Indian Villagers are Installing DC Solar Lighting System?

sukam successMany Indian villages face long and frequent power cuts. They have to rely on either kerosene lamps or diesel gensets which are expensive and harm their health. According to a study, a typical family in a village uses about 120 litres/year of kerosene for lighting and emits 310 kg/year of CO2 – dangerous! Diesel genset consume about Rs. 3000 worth of diesel per month which is very expensive for the villagers. On the other hand Su-Kam’s DC 120 Solar Lighting System, which costs around Rs. 30,000, gives them free and clean energy for 20 years. They are able to recover the cost in just one year.

sukam success

Let’s look at stories from villages in Haryana where DC solar lighting system proved to be a blessing.

How DC Solar Lighting is Helping Shops in Village of Julna

The village Julana in Haryana had been battling with the problem electricity shortage and inflated electricity bills since long time, because of which small businesses were failing. But now, the situation is changing slowly yet steadily, as people do not have to grapple with such problems any more because they produce and consume electricity by themselves.

sukam success

Mr Mukesh installed many solar panels of 100 watts each there, because of which the electricity bills of the shopkeepers have become non- existent. According to him, these small shopkeepers and business holders are very happy with the arrangement, because they are saving around Rs. 600 per month. Most of the shops here are open from 9 am to 8 pm and have basic furnishings that require electricity such as a fan and a tubelight. So their electricity requirement is low, and can easily be met through the DC solar lighting system.


How a village in Gurgaon district changed their fate with DC solar installation

29 Km away from the hustle and bustle of Gurgaon there is a quite village, Sidhrawali in Pataudi Mandal with a population of around 8000 people. The mundanity of a world of smoking wood fires, straw-topped and mud-walled homes and bullock carts could not curb down the enthusiasm of education and a better living among the inhabitants there. However untimely power cuts and long halts in return of electricity supply often turns out to be a spoiler.


The villagers however know how to not let power cuts come in the way of their living. That is when Mr Mani Ram decided to change the fate of his family with one smart decision, by going solar. After being convinced about its sustainability and economic benefits from Mr. Hitesh Yadav, Su-kam’s channel partner in the area, he ordered for DC Solar System at once.


Specification of the installation:

50 AH Marcoz Solar Tubular battery,
One solar fan
Two LED lights,
One DC inverter of 120V
One solar panel of 100 watts.

The installation was done in merely few hours and the family now enjoys uninterrupted electricity

On contacting Mr Mani Ram he said, “All my life I have been burdened with exorbitant electricity bills at home. My dad is aged above 80 years and he needs and an uninterrupted and an economical source of power for being hail and hearty. Nothing could have been a better option than Su-kam DC solar inverter. Now I can breathe an air of relief.”

The family now no longer awaits the fall of the night with anguish but with a smile on their face.

Are you ready to save money and help the environment by going solar? Pick up your phone and dial 1800-102-7555 to talk to our solar experts.




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